Wednesday, November 30, 2016


KidzType is a fantastic site for students learning how two Type.  This site is designed by grade level and students can choose from games, lessons, exercises, and more.  Also, KidzType tracks student's progress and offers helpful hints on how to refine their typing skills.

I highly recommend checking out KidzType by clicking here!!!

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Help Teaching

Help Teaching is an excellent site for educators, parents, and others looking for educational resources such as quiz/test creators, online assessments, or worksheets/printables.  These printables are for K-12 and cover a wide range of subjects.  Also, there is a test/virtual room where students can take online assessment and get results in real time.

I highly recommend checking out Help Teaching by clicking here!!!
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Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playground is the new free iPad app (requires iOS 10.0) for teaching kids how to code.  This is a fantastic app that works very similar to those familiar w/ apps such as Hopscotch or Scratch.  All a user has to do is tap on a "block" of code or drag-n-drop to create commands.  No typing is required.  Once Swift is a downloaded a student can select between two step by step tutorials: Learn to Code 1 (Fundamentals of Swift) or Learn to Code 2 (Beyond the Basics).  Each section is very easy to learn and there is a "hint" button to help those that are stuck.

Also, there are "challenges" (i.e. Drawing Sounds, BattleShip, Brick Breaker, etc.) that users can do to help polish up on their programming skills and begin to create their own games/activities.  Other features include a built-in glossary to help learning programming words/language.  Import your own files/images/sounds to create your own "playground".  Record your own video coding to create a tutorial or to help "Flip a lesson".

Finally, Swift Playground makes it easy to share across iOS devices and integrates w/ iTunes U to make it easy to integrate into the classroom.

I highly recommend checking out Swift Playgrounds by clicking here!!!


LearnZillion is a very popular site that educators all over are using to find free lesson plans and videos.   What makes this such a great site is the Common Core Navigator that lets a teacher type in an area code and find all the resources, lesson plans, and videos in their area aligned to Common Core Standards.

I highly recommend checking out LearnZillion by clicking here!!!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Projector Screen is an excellent site for people or educators to find projectors and other type of equipment for their classrooms.  Not only can a person search through an immense amount of screens, but from other categories such as fixed or manual, multimedia carts, boards, chairs, and more.

I highly recommend checking out ProjectorScreen by clicking here!!!

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PrepFactory is a wonderful free site for ACT and SAT prep.  This interactive site uses a variety of educational videos, texts, games, and more to help students to prepare for their texts.  Also, there are step-by-step instructions on how to solve/approach problems.  PrepFactory is a great way to not only prepare for the ACT/SAT but help HS/MS in the subjects of Math, Vocabulary, and Grammar.

I highly recommend checking out PrepFactory by clicking here!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016


Paperscorer is a fantastic new mobile (iOS/Android, or Chrome plug-in) app that allows educators and students to assess their learning in real-time.  The way this works is a teacher creates an assessment/quiz in Google Forms/Documents and then create and print out a unique answer form/bubble sheet for each student.  The student then uses those forms to answer the question and take the assessment/quiz.  Once the form is complete the user can then open the app on a mobile device and take pictures of the forms.  Paperscorer will then grade the form/assessment and generate detailed reports.  Also, Paperscorer will import student responses back to a educator's Google account.  This makes it ideal for teachers to differentiate instruction.

Features of Paperscorer:

  • saves time grading and assessing learning/quizzes/projects
  • generates detailed reports
  • improves quality and frequency of feedback
  • aids in differentiating instruction
  • ideal for a self-guided feedback or exit slips for students
Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Paperscorer by clicking here!!!

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